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Analytics - Missed Calls
Analytics - Missed Calls

A guide to tracking all your calls, including those missed, in the new analytics system.

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Learn how to track and analyze missed call data with using analytics.

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CloudTalk Analytics

With the introduction of CloudTalk Analytics, users will now be able to access a wide variety of statistics reflecting the outcomes of their calls. With just a few clicks, users can now also track the causes of missed calls, providing vital data necessary for the improvement of call-based services.

Whether you're looking to track the levels of missed calls from specific agents or groups over a prolonged period of time compared to others, or even retrieve data on the numbers of calls your business is receiving after closing. Analytics will guide you through your search in a stress-free and intuitive fashion.

Find Missed Calls Statistics

Checking your call history, including those calls that were missed, is as simple as filtering Analytics for the required outcome and accessing the necessary logs.

Firstly, you'll want to select the desired report from the top left of the screen. If you're looking for calls from a specific group or agent, it's always best to choose the tailored report for those individuals in order to trim down your results.

Secondly, select your desired filters. As a minimum you'll need to select an agent or group from the list on the left, and a date period on the right. When using the Call log, you'll only need a date.

You can then add further filters to your search by clicking the + Add filter button. Once selected, these filters are applied instantly.

Clicking on filters will show you the current search terms applied, including an arrow to view the exact data searched for- in this case Contact name can be expanded to show that we have specifically searched for 'test'.

You can remove filters by hitting the X button, edit the terms of your search by selecting the pencil icon, or start from scratch by hitting Reset on the right side of the screen.

If you're looking for further information on filters or other aspects of Analytics, please refer to our CloudTalk Analytics - Introduction article.

Note- when selecting either Group report or Agent report, Missed calls will not be immediately displayed, and must be made visible by clicking the toggle view button on the right-hand side of the screen.

If you prefer to keep the screen tidier with less statistic cards, you can instead scroll through the list of cards using the arrow buttons until the Missed calls card is displayed.

Missed Calls Breakdown

When tracking Missed calls specifically, make sure you carefully consider which report to use. While Call log is great for tracking down specific individual calls, or out of hours missed calls, Group report and Agent report will provide you with further breakdowns on the causes of calls that were missed.

When using the Group or Agent report (not available for call log), clicking on the Missed calls stat card will provide a breakdown of categories with the percentage of calls that were missed for the given reason.

Group Report Categories


What it means

No agents online

No agents were online at the time of the call.

No agents available

All agents online at the time were already engaged in a call, or were otherwise not in an available status to take the call.

No agents picked up

The call rang for more than 5 seconds and agents were available, but none of them picked up the call.


The caller hung up in the first 5 seconds, before the call could be answered.

Agent Report Categories


What it means

Not picked up

The call rang for more than 5 seconds. The agent was available but did not pick up the call.

This also covers cases where the call rings for an agent who then declines the call.


The call was missed because the agent was engaged in another call.


The call didn't ring for the agent, because the agent was offline.


The caller hung up in the first 5 seconds, before the call could be answered.


The call didn't ring for the agent because the agent had an Idle status.

Graphs and Individual Call Breakdown

At this stage, whether you selected Missed calls or something else, perhaps just inbound or outbound calls, you'll scroll down and be presented with a graph representing the statistics that match your requested filters.

Sticking with the same example as we used above, we're looking only at missed calls from the last month, the filter options on the right-hand side of the screen will allow you to filter based on 'Hour', 'Day' and 'Month', dependent on the period of time you selected in your initial search- refer to the section on filters at the start of this article.

The previous period displayed by the grey line on the graph provides data on the call count for the previous iteration of the same duration. For example, in the screenshot below the grey line represents yesterdays call count. Were we to filter by week on the right-hand side, the grey line would draw data from last week.

Note- you can disable the displaying of previous period results at any time by clicking on the words 'Previous period' below the graph

Next, scroll down to the next section to view details of all the calls that match your search criteria. The information provided includes the direction of the call, indicated by the colored arrows with missed calls in RED, the contact number dialed or from which the call originated, the agent/group that received the number (Via), duration of the call, and the date and time.

Note- You'll also notice some calls will have multiple actions/arrows next to them, indicating that the missed call was resolved by a call back. Hovering your mouse on these arrows provides a Call ID for the resolving call, this can then be searched for if necessary using the Type in Call ID field at the very top of the screen next to the original report filters.

Note: to quickly determine what an arrow's color or direction means, you can also hover your mouse on the arrow as shown below:

Clicking on the 3 dot icons under Export on the right-hand side provides Call Steps for each call. Call steps will provide information regarding the date and time the call was made, the route of the call, duration, and ultimate status of the call. This is particularly useful for Missed calls, allowing users to track the flow of a call through their system and find the reason it was ultimately missed.

Lets look at a typical call log for just Missed calls along with call steps:

The above missed call passed quickly through an IVR where it then spent time in multiple groups throughout a call flow without being picked up. The caller then canceled the call.

Out of Hours Calls

The Call log report filters analytics down to a few vital statistics and provides more clarity when looking for specific calls, or searching for statistics on calls received outside of business hours.

A typical use case for the Call log report would be trying to track down information on a call using only a Call ID that may have been acquired from the call steps of a previous call.

If you're looking for a specific call, or data on all calls made at specific times regardless of users/groups, this is the report to use.

The Call log report functions the same way as the reports demonstrated above, providing graph data along with a list of calls and call steps. However, the call log does not provide the same level of information for missed calls as the Group or Agent report will. You won't find a breakdown directly below the Missed calls statistic card as you will in the other reports. As the call log collects all calls including those that do not route through groups or agents, this is intended.

The purpose of the call log is to provide a 'call level' breakdown and to particularly address the issue of out of hours calls. Clicking on the Calls outside of Business Hours statistic card will present data on calls received after your business closed, and can be broken down and viewed in the same way as data from the other reports above.

Have more questions about analytics or another topic? Contact our Support team. We're always happy to help!

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