Track Agent Productivity

Keep track of the success of your agents using the features offered through dashboard statistics

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Track agent productivity with ease using dashboard statistics.

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Agent Statistics

Statistics are the default display of your CloudTalk Dashboard. There are several ways we can analyze the participation of our Agents, depending on what metric of success we would like to view.

Call Logs of a Single Agent

We can view a chart representing the call logs for a single agent.

  1. Choose Call history under the Statistics tab on the left sidebar, and from the filter options on the top of the page, click the dropdown arrow next to filter by agent.

    Search or select the name of the agent whose stats you want to view.

  2. Adjust the time parameters from the top righthand corner of the page, and add other filters as necessary.

  3. Logs can be saved as a file by clicking the Download button at the bottom of the page.

Compare Productivity of All Agents

View the Statistics page dedicated to Agents by clicking the Statistics dropdown list in the left sidebar and selecting the Agents tab.

  1. Display your graph data by Agent Activity or Calls.

  2. Adjust the time period from the top righthand corner of the page. Add additional filters as necessary. Filter by call tag can be used to sort out sales calls from other inquiries.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the Statistics of Agents tally. You can compare Inbound and Outbound Calls, Avg. Call Duration, and the logged Time By Agent's Status.

    Click the Download button to save a file copy with this information. Dowloaded log files contain more detailed information for tracking records.

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