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Call monitoring is a great tool to help your agents in real-time and understand your customers better.

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Here is an overview of our call monitor feature and who can use it.

Call Monitor Page

What is call monitoring?

Call monitoring is tool which allows managers to view the list of live calls currently taking place within a company call center. Supervisors with access to this feature can view call details such as the duration, contact number, agent, and call tags. They can also join the call in progress for monitoring purposes.

CloudTalk’s Call Monitor page gives you important insight into your customer’s needs to help you make informed business decisions.

Who can monitor calls?

In order to access the call monitor, you must have an assigned user role of Administrator or Supervisor. From the dashboard, navigate to the Call monitor tab.

In order to join a live call, the admin or supervisor must be logged into the dashboard.

Admin and Supervisor Access

From the Call monitor tab of the dashboard, an admin or supervisor can see the list of Live calls, including call details. These calls can be filtered by duration, agent, groups, direction, or call tag.

The orange hand signal indicates a call where an agent has requested help on the call. Three-way calling is currently the maximum number of participants for a call, meaning if there is an agent and customer on the line, only one admin or supervisor can join in addition.

There are three options you can use to join a call:

  1. Listen to call: Join only for monitoring / listening purposes. Neither the agent nor customer will be able to hear you.

  2. Talk to agent: In this option, you can listen and talk, but only the agent will be able to hear you.

  3. Talk to both: You can join a 3-way conversation in which both the customer and agent can hear you.

As an admin or supervisor, you are able to disconnect or switch between the join modes listed here at any time while attending a call. Agents on the call will be notified when you join.

Raise Hand Feature — Agents

If an you're an agent in a difficult spot and want to request the help of an administrator or supervisor, you can use More > Raise hand on the Call in progress screen to signal that your call needs attention.

After selecting the Raise hand option, an orange notification bar will appear above your Call in progress screen, signaling that your supervisor can now see your request and may join to listen, advise, or take part in the conversation.

You will be able to see when your call is being attended or monitored.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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