With tags, work is much easier. When you want to find the contacts, you need to call or add to Campaign. In this article we will tell you how to add tags and how to use them.

Identify contacts easily by tags

By labelling contacts with tags, your agents can easily identify callers. Create as many tags as you wish based on your unique business needs. For example, you can use the following tags to distinguish between clients:

  • VIP clients

  • Clients with IT skills

  • Regular shoppers

  • Prospects

  • Business owners

  • Others, etc. the position or company name

Contact tags help to expand agent knowledge and optimize the experience both for the customer and the agent.

To add new tag, go to Contacts - Edit contact info - Add tags. Here you can also remove those tags that are not relevant anymore.

You can also easily add/edit Tags during the call. Just click on Edit Tags button in the CloudTalk Phone.

Automatic tag creation with integrations

Integrate CloudTalk account with your favourite business tool. Thanks to that, when synchronizing contacts, CloudTalk automatically applies a tag to each of them - with the name of the integrated business tool from where it has been retrieved.

For example, if you use LiveAgent helpdesk tool and Shopify e-commerce solution, and you integrate them with CloudTalk, each time you create a new contact in these systems, the contact will be automatically imported to CloudTalk and labelled with a relevant tag. In these cases, LiveAgent or Shopify. Depending on the source of import.

This is an easy way how to follow the source of your contacts.

Sort contacts by tags

In CloudTalk, you can filter all of your contacts by tags. For example, you may label your VIP clients with a VIP tag. If you like to see a full list of VIP clients, select the tag from the Select Tag menu and the list will be automatically compiled.

This feature enables you to quickly find the right contacts. CloudTalk interface also helps to search through contacts by tags in contact list. Filtering by tags enables you to stay organized, so you are able to call only a selected group of clients.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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