Add CloudTalk app to your Zapier

To get started, simply navigate to the following link and start building your Zaps.

Zapier Authorisation

In order to be able to use your Zapier with CloudTalk, you need to authorise the CloudTalk app. To do so, set up a new Zap and choose desired CloudTalk trigger. 

When prompted to choose CloudTalk account, select + Add new account. You will be asked to provide CloudTalk username and password. Please note that those are not your CloudTalk login credentials. To obtain Zapier login credentials, please follow the steps below:

  • Log In to your CloudTalk Dashboard
  • Navigate to Account > Settings > API Keys
  • Click the Add API Key button
  • A new API key will be generated for you
  • Click Show (in Access Key Secret column) for desired API Key
  • Fill in ACCESS KEY ID and ACCESS KEY SECRET in Zapier
  • Click Yes, continue

Your Zapier is now properly connected to your CloudTalk Account.

CloudTalk Zapier Triggers

CloudTalk Zapier App triggers allow you to trigger a Zap whenever something happens in your CloudTalk. CloudTalk currently allows you to use two triggers. 

You can New Call in order to take action when a call is made via your CloudTalk. You will be able to utilize all relevant call data (e.g. phone numbers, agent, call duration, call tags, call notes, link to a recording and more). Typically this trigger is used to log your CloudTalk calls to your system. 

Secondly, you can use New Contact trigger in order to tie an action to a CloudTalk contact being created / updated. You can use all relevant contact data like name, phone number, email, company, etc. Typically, this trigger is used in order to synchronise your CloudTalk contacts to 3rd party system of your choice.

CloudTalk Zapier Actions

Zapier actions let you create and modify data in CloudTalk, when triggered from your 3rd party system. 

You can Create or Update Contact in CloudTalk with attributes populated from your 3rd party system trigger. Typically, you want to use this action when you want to synchronise contacts from your system into CloudTalk.

Additionally you can Create or Update Activity for any contact in CloudTalk. Typically you want to use this action when you log tickets / orders from your system to CloudTalk, so that they are visible to your agents when a customer calls your call centre.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can always contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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