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Perform workflow actions connected to the Salesforce API.

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Here is a basic setup guide for Salesforce API actions within workflow automations.

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Salesforce Workflow Actions

Authorization via OAuth

CloudTalk supports the bearer token authentication needed for Salesforce API requests. The OAuth authorization which was configured within your first integration instance with Salesforce will be used for all workflow automations involving Salesforce. This is why we only advise having one integration instance with Salesforce if you are planning to use Salesforce API actions.

For Workflows

  1. You don't need to include any keys or auth headers in new setups. All you need is your endpoint, query strings, and request body.

  2. You will need to limit workflows to one Salesforce integration. Only automations from the most recently created integration instance will run.

  3. For custom-built API requests, confirm necessary scopes. Since the authorization method is the same one used in initial integration setup, scopes will be the same as scopes used in your Salesforce integration. Check that the target entity your request is trying to access is covered within these scopes.

Workflow Automation Setup

  1. To set up a new workflow from the dashboard, navigate to Account > Workflow Automations.

  2. Select +Add Workflow and name your workflow. Confirm.

  3. Define a trigger Object and Action.

    Example Trigger

    1. Optional: Set up a condition statement so that your automation only triggers for calls which meet your defined criteria. To apply your trigger to all calls, delete the condition step.

  4. For your Action, select API request. Follow the Salesforce Actions Developer Guide and the sections for Action Objects to get the values and method you will need to fill in your API request.

    Example-only API setup with a dynamic value

    1. Use the right table for inputing dynamic values. Click into a field and select the value you want.

  5. Confirm and continue.

  6. Use the slider to set your workflow to active, and Save your changes.

If you have any further questions please reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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