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Pause Mobile Notifications
Pause Mobile Notifications

Set times for pausing your CloudTalk Go app notifications without having to log out

Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

Learn how to pause notifications on your mobile app for daily or onetime periods when you know you won't be available.

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Pause Notifications

In addition to allowing or blocking all mobile notifications, you can set timers to "pause" notifications within a certain period. Pause notifications for incoming calls during your daily out of office hours with night silence. Alternatively, set up a onetime pause period with scheduled pausing.

Pause notifications settings will not affect your company settings or desktop app behavior, meaning if you are logged into your desktop app, you can still receive calls there during a pause. Notification pausing was designed specifically for mobile users to have more control in setting their availability.

Locate Pause Settings

Notification settings on our CloudTalk Go mobile app can be found in your user profile.

  1. Select the profile icon (bottom right).

  2. Select Pause notifications.

  3. Note: Switching off the Notifications toggle stops all incoming notifications indefinitely.

    1. Select Night silence or Scheduled pausing to set timers.

  4. Confirmed setting changes are effective immediately.

Night silence

Night silence is ideal for setting repeating off hours or bedtime hours. Mobile notifications will be paused every day within the time period chosen.

  1. Within Pause notifications, select Night silence.

  2. Toggle on.

  3. Select a From and To time for night silence to take place.

  4. Select Done to apply changes.

Scheduled pausing

Scheduled pausing is ideal for upcoming vacations, appointments, out of office hours, or personal holidays not covered by your company’s Business Hours settings. Mobile notifications will be paused between the start and end dates and times chosen here.

  1. Within Pause notifications, select Scheduled pausing.

  2. Toggle on.

  3. Select a From and To time for the notifications pause to take place.

  4. Select Done to apply changes.

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