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How to use WhatsApp Integration with CloudTalk
How to use WhatsApp Integration with CloudTalk

A guide to using our new integrated WhatsApp functionality

Written by Tom Grant
Updated over a week ago

Users can now send and receive WhatsApp messages through CloudTalk!

Which customers can use this functionality?

Customers must meet the criteria described below:

  • Expert account customers only

  • This is a request only feature. Customers must request access to this feature following the directions in this article (see section How can I get started using WhatsApp with CloudTalk), there are then further internal conditions which will be explained.

Why would I want to use WhatsApp with CloudTalk to communicate with my customers?

  • The most popular messaging application in the world, WhatsApp is one of a very few apps to have been downloaded 5 billion + times across iOS and Android.

  • Over 100 billion messages sent daily.

  • Available across 180 Different Countries + 20 Different Languages.

  • Messages on WhatsApp have a 99% open rate.

  • 61% of customers prefer instant messaging over email.

  • 70% of WhatsApp users check the app every single day.

Since SMS and WhatsApp messages aren't mutually exclusive, the best marketing practice is to use them both. However, one main advantage WhatsApp has over SMS is that instead of receiving a message from a random number, your customers will be instantly able to recognize your company via your WhatsApp Profile.

How can I get started using WhatsApp with CloudTalk?

Apply for a WhatsApp enabled number following the directions in our dedicated article here.

  • Once you have your enabled number, anyone can initiate a conversation with you via WhatsApp, and you will have a 24-hour window to reply to the message within CloudTalk.

  • WhatsApp with CloudTalk is dependant on the customer reaching out to you first. Their initial contact then activates the 24 hour permission window within which you can respond.

  • If you don't reply within 24 hours, you won't be able to reply to the message anymore and the chat will be available as read-only.

  • If you receive another message, the 24 hour reply window will be refreshed.

The restrictions above including the 24 hour window are set by Meta/WhatsApp, we cannot change them.

What does it look like?

WhatsApp messages are now grouped along with SMSes in the CloudTalk Messages section.

When opening up a WhatsApp message, the content of the message will display as usual, followed by a timer at the bottom of the screen showing how long you have left to send another reply before being locked out.

Once the timer expires, you’ll be locked out of the conversation and only able to reply if the customer reaches out via WhatsApp once more.

Information regarding attachments sent via WhatsApp

Size of media attachments

Max 16 MB.

Supported media attachment types

Images (JPG, JPEG, PNG)

Audio (MP3, OGG, AMR)

Documents (PDF)

Video (MP4)

Contacts (vCard).

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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