Zoho CRM Integration

A guide on integrating and using Zoho CRM with CloudTalk

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Initial setup/ things to check

Adding Zoho CRM in CloudTalk

  1. Login to your CloudTalk Dashboard.

  2. Go to Account > Integrations.

  3. In the Add Integration section, find ZOHO and click + Add.

  4. Select your Zoho Datacenter domain. Ex. https://crm.zoho.eu/ has the Domain Europe (.eu).

5. Choose your Zoho account to integrate and click Submit and then Accept for the access request

💡 TIP: The choice here is almost always 'production'.

6. You’ll be redirected back to CloudTalk, click Finish to save your Workflow settings.

7. To only log calls for specific CloudTalk numbers, add these numbers in the Connected numbers section.

8. To only log SMSes for specific CloudTalk numbers, add these numbers in the Connected numbers for SMS section.

9. At the top of the page, make sure your integration is set to Active.

10. Click Save.

Synchronisation of Zoho CRM and CloudTalk

1. Merging of contacts

Contacts are merged when multiple Zoho CRM Contacts have the same phone number, email address, or contact ID. See our article, 'How does CloudTalk Merge Contacts' for further information.

A new contact will automatically merge under an existing contact in CloudTalk if it is created with any of same phone numbers or emails in Zoho.

CloudTalk Contact

One-way or two-way sync

Zoho CRM Contact



First name
Last name

Contact link (*)




Mobile phone



Secondary email





















Favorite agent


Contact Owner

2. Workflow settings in CloudTalk and their partnered Zoho CRM events:

CloudTalk Setting

Zoho CRM Event

Log outbound answered calls

Create activities for outbound answered calls

Log outbound unanswered calls

Create activities for outbound unanswered calls

Log inbound answered calls

Create activities for inbound answered calls

Log missed calls

Create activities for missed calls

Log voicemails

Create activities for voicemails

Activity type of inbound answered call - Select activity type

Creates these calls as a specific type of activity.

Strategy for logging calls to ZOHO deals - select type of deals

Adds call activities either to:
- Last modified open deal
- All open deals
- All deals
- No deals

Create new contacts in ZOHO for unassociated call numbers → Enable/Disable

Creates a new ZOHO contact with the first name ‘{number}@cloudtalk‘ and a phone number. 💡Doesn’t create a CloudTalk contact until the ZOHO contact is updated.

Import contact owner as preferred agent → Enable/Disable

Import & sync contacts from ZOHO with the ‘Favorite agent‘ assigned. 💡Only works when the owner in ZOHO is a CloudTalk agent.

Assign missed calls to- select a CloudTalk user

Assigns missed call activities to a specific ZOHO user. 💡Only ZOHO users who are also CloudTalk users can be selected.

Business hours policy- select when calls are logged in ZOHO

Only adds activities for calls:
- During business hours
- Outside of business hours
- At all times

Synchronise ZOHO Account

Imports ZOHO Accounts (Companies) to CloudTalk

3. Calls in CloudTalk and their relative Zoho CRM activities:

CloudTalk Call

Zoho CRM Activity



Related To

Company name

Activity Status

Format: {status} call

Call Type




Call Duration


Call Start time

Start time

Outcome / Reason Of Outgoing / Incoming Call

CloudTalk number: {cloudtalkNumber}Caller Phone Number: {contactNumber}
Agent: {agentName}Notes: {callNote}Recording URL: {recordingUrl}



All calls are logged under “Closed Activities” on the Zoho CRM contact details page. This is due to the Zoho system considering a call to be closed/completed once it is automatically logged, this functionality cannot be amended by CloudTalk.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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