Zoho Desk Integration

A guide on integrating and using Zoho Desk with CloudTalk

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Initial setup/things to check:

Adding Zoho Desk in CloudTalk

  1. Login to your CloudTalk Dashboard.

  2. Go to Account > Integrations.

  3. In the Add Integration section, find Zoho Desk and click + Add.

  4. Optionally, give your integration a unique name.

    💡 TIP: Giving your integration a unique name can be useful for companies which have separate Zoho Desk integrations for different teams.
  5. In the Workflow Settings section, click New Authentication.

6. Name your integration if you wish, then click Create.

7. You’ll be redirected to your Zoho account. Login to Zoho.

8. Select your Zoho environment (this is almost always 'production').

9. Make sure that Zoho Desk is listed on the next screen and click Accept to allow CloudTalk to connect to your Zoho Desk account.

10. You’ll then be redirected back to CloudTalk, click Finish to save your Workflow settings.

11. To only log calls for specific CloudTalk numbers, add these numbers in the Connected numbers section.

12. To only log SMSs for specific CloudTalk numbers, add these numbers in the Connected numbers for SMS section.

13. At the top of the page, make sure your integration is set to Active.

14. Click Save.

Functionalities of Zoho Desk CloudTalk integration

1. Contacts

Imports contacts from Zoho Desk to CloudTalk

Contacts are merged when multiple customers have the same phone number, email address, or name. Please refer to our article: How does CloudTalk Merge Contacts.

❗Important❗ : Zoho Desk customer impact when CloudTalk contact is created or updated

Customers in Zoho Desk are not updated by CloudTalk. If a Zoho Desk customer with the same email address or phone number already exists in Zoho Desk, then the CloudTalk contact won’t be exported there.

2. Tickets

Creates Zoho Desk tickets as CloudTalk contact activities

Imports all tickets to the individual CloudTalk contact.

3. Calls

Creates tickets in Zoho Desk for CloudTalk calls

Users can limit the calls which are sent to Zoho Desk by assigning specific CloudTalk numbers in the Connected numbers section as mentioned in steps 10/11.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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