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Call and Contact tags are different attributes, each with different methods to add, edit, or delete

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Call tags provide a quick and easy reference system to store call data and relevant filtering within analytics. Learn how to use and edit available call tags.

Using Call Tags

How are call tags different from contact tags?

CloudTalk actually has two different tag systems โ€” one for labeling contacts and one for marking calls. Call tags may also be referred to as call dispositions. They are designed to mark the result, topic, or category of a particular call.

Give Context in Call Details

Call tags are a quick and streamlined way to provide context for a call. Agents are able to see selected call tags from a past call to easily recall details from the conversation or any follow up actions that needed to take place.

Filter Contacts, Logs, and Analytics

When call tags are used consistently by your organization, they can become an effective tool for filtering data and tracking customer experience.

On the dashboard, you can filter your contacts using call tags.

Within our new analytics, admin can filter by call tag to view the call logs for only specific types of calls.

Admin can also filter agent and group reports by call tag to gather more data about calls of certain result types such as "Interested" or "Not interested". This provides valuable insight to data trends for different types of calls, and areas where the customer experience could be improved.

Call tag analysis works better when agents are consistent, which is why we have an option for admin to enable mandatory call tagging. From the dashboard, go to Account > Settings and scroll to Tag/Call dispositions to enable.

Create Workflow Automations

Admin are able to create automated workflows using call tag data as part of the trigger or conditions.

  • For example, you could create an automation which runs each time a support ticket is created in response to a call. You could use a Call modified trigger for this, causing the automation to trigger any time a call has tags or notes added to it (either before or after it took place).

  • You could use call tag data in your condition by clicking into the Property field and selecting tags from the Useful data for your Workflow section. In this example, we only want our trigger to fire when our "Support ticket created" call tag is present.

Remember that call tag names may vary depending on the settings for your company. Admin can change these in the dashboard via Account > Settings.

Modify Call Tags

From the Dashboard

Admins can edit the tags or call dispositions available for agents to use from the dashboard.

  1. Go to Account > Settings. Scroll down to the Tags / Call dispositions section.

  2. Delete existing tags using the red trash icon. Select + Add Tag to add a new one.

  3. You can specify Groups to see your call tag, if it is only relevant for some teams.

  4. Type can be inbound, outbound, or for all calls.

  5. Order no refers to the ordering tags will be shown in for agents. Color can also be changed to provide better visual clarity.

  6. Save Settings to finalize changes.

From the Calling Screen

Agents can also add or edit tags on CloudTalk Phone and the mobile app, during or after an active call. Select the Edit tags icon while the call is in progress.

Newly added tags will be shown in the sequence set by Order no in dashboard settings.

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