Thanks to CloudTalk + LiveAgent integration, all existing LiveAgent data (like contact details, tickets, tags, etc.) will be synchronized within CloudTalk and vice versa. This basically means that your agents will have a comprehensive understanding of the customers without having to open multiple systems.

If you prefer video setup guides, here's a step by step LiveAgent+CloudTalk setup video:

In CloudTalk:

  1. Log in to CloudTalk Dashboard account here

2. Click on Account -> Integrations in the left sidebar menu

3. Select LiveAgent integration and click on the +Add button to install the integration

4. To connect CloudTalk with LiveAgent, you need to fill the API key and URL address.

5. To find your API key, go to your LiveAgent account and type API into the search bar. Go to Add API Key.

6. Here write the “Name”, for instance, Cloudtalk integration. If needed choose the “Expiration date” (Your integration will stop working after the expiration date). 

7. Make sure that your API key has “read” and “write” permissions for following scopes: Agent, User, Tags and Tickets.

8. Your API key is ready now, so just copy it and paste it into CloudTalk.

9. As the next step, insert the domain URL address in the right format, for instance -

10. Once you have completed these quick steps, your integration is ready. Now you can customize your integration according to your business needs.

11. Finally, click on the Save button to activate the integration.

12. Once the integration is set up, all your LiveAgent contacts will get synchronized with CloudTalk. Please notice that the data synchronization may take a few minutes. 


Integration customization:

  • You can define which calls (inbound, outbound, missed calls and voicemails) to log into LiveAgent and what status should be assigned to the ticket. 
  • Pick which CloudTalk numbers should get linked to your LiveAgent integration. It will help you better organize your data. If no number is selected, all numbers get synced to LiveAgent. 
  • Whether you want to log all calls or only calls made during business hours or when your lines are closed. 
  • Define an agent you want to assign missed calls to. 

Important notice:

In order for the integration to properly export CloudTalk call to LiveAgent, your CloudTalk agent’s emails need to match your LiveAgent user’s emails.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can always contact our Support Team. We are always here to help you!

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