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Configure My Integration
How do I configure my Zendesk integration?
How do I configure my Zendesk integration?

This article describes how CloudTalk customers can install and setup the Zendesk data integration and CTI

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Follow this guide to set up your CloudTalk + Zendesk integration.

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Integration Overview

You can set up your Zendesk integration in three ways:

  • Only the data integration / synchronization

  • Only the CTI

  • Both (recommended)

The CloudTalk + Zendesk data integration will synch all existing Zendesk data (contacts, tickets, emails, etc.) to CloudTalk, and vice versa. This will allow your agents to have a comprehensive understanding of their customers without having to open multiple systems.

Our CTI integration lets agents use our CloudTalk softphone to make and recieve calls directly from Zendesk, saving time and energy.

Video Overview

If you prefer video setups, here's an instruction video on setting up the CloudTalk & Zendesk integration:

Data Synchronization Setup

Log into your CloudTalk dashboard. From there:

  1. Go to Account > Integrations in the left menu.

  2. Hover over the Zendesk integration and click +Add.

  3. Enter your Zendesk domain

  4. You will be redirected to a Zendesk login page to log into your account. Select Authorize and follow the authorization flow.

  5. After a successful login, you'll be redirected back to your CloudTalk dashboard, where your integration will be ready to customize:

    1. Choose whether notes, recordings, and customer links are exported as internal notes, which are not viewable by customers. When off, these will be exported as part of the ticket customers can see.

    2. Adding numbers to the Connected numbers section will make it so only data associated with those numbers will synchronize. Leave this section blank to synchronize all data.

  6. When you're done making changes, you can Save the integration to start synchronization.


  • You can customize or change integration settings at any time from the integration settings page within your CloudTalk dashboard.

  • New contacts will automatically synchronize as long as the integration is active. This means if you create a new contact or update an existing one in Zendesk, changes are automatically reflected in CloudTalk, and vice versa. 

CloudTalk CTI in Zendesk Setup

Our Zendesk CTI supports both inbound and outbound use cases, and you don't need the Click-to-Call extension.

You can click a provided phone number directly from Zendesk and select the option to Call this number. Based on your phone configuration, the number will be automatically called or pasted into the dial pad.

Steps from Zendesk

  1. Navigate to the Zendesk marketplace and search for CloudTalk.

  2. Select the CloudTalk for Support app. Install.

  3. Select which Zendesk account you would like to install the app to and select Install. (If relevant, make sure this is the same account for which you set up your data integration.)

  4. Optional: Choose whether to enforce security restrictions on your integration by assigning groups or user roles that can access this integration instance. Select Update to finalize.

    1. You can update these settings anytime from your Zendesk admin portal: {yourZendeskDomainName}

  5. Once the CloudTalk for Support app is installed, you will see the CloudTalk logo in the toolbar. Select this logo to log into your CloudTalk Phone if it is your first use, or if you were previously logged in somewhere else.

    1. You may need to allow microphone permissions on your browser.

    2. During the initial setup, you can select the options for how you want your CloudTalk Phone to behave within Zendesk.

  6. When signed in, your CloudTalk Phone is ready to use within Zendesk.

To ensure your incoming calls are directed to the right interface, we only allow users to be logged into one "instance" of CloudTalk phone at a time.

  • If you are working from Zendesk, this means logging into your phone within Zendesk will log you out of your standalone desktop app (or any other integrated CloudTalk phone apps).

  • As a best practice, it's always good for support agents to check that they are logged in from the interface they want to receive calls through.

Zendesk Integration FAQs

  • Q: We have previously been using the data integration only, but now we want to add the CTI. Does this mean we need to reinstall the Zendesk integration?

    • A: No—they are not connected. Just follow the CloudTalk CTI in Zendesk part of this guide when you're ready to add in this feature.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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