How to add new agents

An easy manual describing how to add and configure new users in CloudTalk.

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Adding new users in CloudTalk is extremely easy. You can also configure the user’s permissions necessary for their work as you see fit.

Adding new users is a quick process, just select Agents from the menu in your dashboard and then click on "Add agent".

If you're a new CloudTalk customer you may also find the following video helpful. You'll find many similar videos providing information on all the different features of CloudTalk on our dedicated YouTube channel!

General Settings

  • Fill in the agent’s First Name, Last Name and Email address. First and last name will be used to identify the agent in call history, list of internal contacts, etc. Email address will be used for sign-up, email notifications and receiving voicemail.

  • If you wish to assign an extension to the agent, click on "Do you want to set up an extension? " The Extension field will appear, allowing you to add a four-digit extension of your choice to be used for internal calls. If you leave the field empty, CloudTalk will automatically select the next extension in line.

  • Each user can have the interface displayed in a language that most suits them. The language can be selected under Language of your admin interface.

  • Administrator – can manage the whole company and make calls.

  • Analyst – can view statistics, play and download recordings of all assigned agents. This user cannot make phone calls.

  • Supervisor – can do the same activities as Analyst, however, Supervisor can also make phone calls, manage contacts and configure dialers.

  • Agent – the most common type of user – can make phone calls, view call history, play recordings of their own phone calls, manage contacts etc.


  • Administrator can also be part of groups/teams and receive calls just like your agents. You can select groups to which the administrator will be assigned. 

  • Maximum Number of Calls determines how many concurrent calls can be routed to the user. For example, if the value is 1, no other phone calls will be routed to the agent during a phone call. If the value is 2, one other call can be routed to the agent while still on the phone. 

Once the administrator is created, you can configure advanced settings:

  • setup primary outbound number 

  • assign numbers that the administrator can use

  • setup maximum outbound call duration after which the call will end automatically (cautionary measure to prevent excessively lengthy calls)

  • maximum daily time limit which the agent can spend on the phone


  • You can decide whether the analyst can monitor all or just some users. If you wish to allow the analyst to monitor all users, leave the "Agents accessible to the user" field empty. If you wish to select only some users to be checked by the analyst, please select specific agents from the list.

  • You can also decide whether the analyst will be able to download recordings.


  • Supervisor is a combination of Analyst and Administrator. You can set up the same permissions as with Analysts and Administrators. 


You can configure the same permissions as with the Administrator plus Visibility of Calls and Recordings. You can apply the company’s global settings or set up individual permissions to each agent. You can also configure the following:

  • Visibility of calls – can the agent view just their own calls or all calls? etc.

  • Listening to recordings – what recordings can the agent listen to?

  • Downloading recordings – can the agent download recordings?

Skill-based routing

If your business uses skill-based routing, you can add skills to specific agents. You can add skills in the Skill-based Routing tab by clicking on "Add a Skill", choose the skill and its level and click on "Assign a Skill".

If you require any further assistance or have any other questions, please reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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