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Automatic Missed Call Assignment
Automatic Missed Call Assignment

How automatic assignment for call export works with missed calls, voicemails, and other cases

Written by Shelby Glynn
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Here is the logic for the Automatic assignment setting featured in some integration setups.

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Assigning Calls

Call assignment refers to the process of matching a call that has taken place with a user in an integrated system who is considered responsible for any followup steps that call may need. This is an important step in tracking exported calls properly.

When calls are auto-assigned

Auto-assignment is necessary for certain situations that can occur within integrations. On our system, calls will be auto-assigned when you have selected Automatic assignment for the Assign missed calls to setting within your integration setup.

Automatic assignment is a setting which only exists for certain integrations. This setting will designate an appropriate call assignee for export using our assignment logic, which is useful in three main instances:

  1. Missed incoming calls

  2. Voicemails

  3. When the CloudTalk user for a call does not match a user in a given integration

Assignment Logic

Calls are assigned using the following methods, which have been ordered by priority. When one method is not successful, the next will be tried.

  1. Assign the call to the CloudTalk user in the last reached call flow step.

    1. If the last step reached was Call to agent, the agent which handled the call in this step gets assigned the call.

  2. If the last call flow step was a voicemail, assign the call based on the email address configured in that voicemail step.

  3. If supported by the integration (such as for many CRMs), assign the call to the contact owner in the integrated app.

  4. If present, assign the call to the contact's favorite agent in CloudTalk.

  5. Finally, if all else fails, use the fallback built into the integrated system's API.

    1. This will typically result in assigning the user who installed the integration into CloudTalk, or in leaving the call export unassigned.

If you have any further questions please reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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