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How to setup Einstein Conversation Insights with CloudTalk
How to setup Einstein Conversation Insights with CloudTalk

A guide to setting up your Einstein Conversation Insights Salesforce integration with CloudTalk

Written by Tom Grant
Updated over a week ago

CloudTalk can now be added as a voice call provider with Einstein Conversation Insights!

💡Note: If you're looking for more information on Salesforce or Einstein Conversation Insights outside of CloudTalk- check the bottom of this guide for some useful external links!

What is Einstein Conversation Insights and why should you use it with CloudTalk?

Einstein Conversation Insights is a natural language processing (NLP) tool available for Salesforce Sales and Service Console users that comes bundled with the Sales Engagement module, or can be purchased standalone for an additional charge. ECI offers the ability to see insights and trends collected from voice calls by recording your calls and then automatically analyzing for mentions of specific keywords, phrases, and points of interest. ECI users can select words to monitor from a pre-configured list or even create their own. These call transcripts and recordings can then be reviewed to determine areas that require further attention.

Integrating CloudTalk with Einstein Conversation Insights can help businesses to improve their customer service by identifying common customer issues, reducing wait times, and increasing first call resolution rates. Additionally, by analyzing customer interactions, businesses can identify areas for improvement in their products and services, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall customer experience.

Prerequisites for use

  • Lightning Experience (recommended)

  • ECI available - Pricing

    • Performance & Unlimited Editions compatible

    • Enterprise Edition also compatible for an additional cost

  • CloudTalk Expert or Custom Plan- see our plans here

  • Admin user in both CloudTalk & Salesforce

  • CloudTalk Salesforce integration & CTI already installed

Integrating Salesforce with CloudTalk

Before being able to use Einstein Conversation Insights with CloudTalk, you will first need to confirm that your Salesforce account is set up to use CloudTalk CTI.

Setting up CloudTalk in Einstein Conversation Insights

To begin, you need to turn on Einstein Conversation Insights within the Salesforce Org you wish to use.

💡 Note- To setup Einstein Conversation Insights you will need to be a Salesforce and CloudTalk Admin.

  1. Log in to your chosen Salesforce Org. Click on Setup (Settings/cog icon in the top-right), then enter Einstein Conversation Insights in the Quick Find box on the following screen (left side) and then select General Settings.

  2. Turn on Conversation Insights by clicking the blue Enable ECI button.

3. Once enabled you’ll see a screen with many buttons you’ll be able to toggle on and off.

The Conversation Insights Readiness indicator displays when the related dashboards are available. This process can take some time, so continue with the next steps until they’re available.

Mandatory settings to configure on this screen

Connect a Voice Recording Provider

Click on Connect a voice call provider and select CloudTalk. CloudTalk will only show up as an option if Salesforce integration has been completed.

Assign Conversation Insights Permission Sets

Use this setting to ensure that each user who needs access to ECI has a license to do so. Without this configured, ECI will not work. Agents will need user licenses which are purchased individually.

More information regarding Permission Sets and licenses can be found on this page of the Salesforce website.

Other options you’ll see on this screen and what they do

Connect a Video Recording Provider

If you wish to use video calls with another provider (CloudTalk does not support this feature) you can connect your ECI to one here. Typical options would be Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Turn On Optimal Speaker Separation

Makes it easier for the system to separate voices on audio calls. This is highly recommended for a more efficient call breakdown.

Turn On Opportunity Matching

Uses AI to match customers to relevant sales opportunities based on the content of their calls. For example, a customer may have repeatedly mentioned a service that you offer and could provide to them.

Turn On Insight Reports and Conversation related Measures for Enablement

Users can improve/customize the way that data is collected and presented back to them. Recommended to use.

Set Up Call Insights

Highly recommended to use, one of the main functionalities of ECI. Allows you to use a predefined or customised list of key words or triggers in order to identify points of interest in calls. Some examples you could use:

  • Keeping track of which of your competitors are mentioned most often

  • Tracking agent upselling

  • Gathering data on most popular products of interest

When you first load up Call Insights, you can click on Automatic to locate several preconfigured options ready to use that also support multiple languages

We highly recommend that you also try out creating your own Insights, in the Configurable tab (next to Automatic)

Clicking on the blue New Insight button on the right side of the screen will present you with several categories

Choose from three categories based on the word you wish to track, the language required, and then configure the following screen to determine who the system should listen to.

Data on these insights is received after calls in the form of a timeline/report, shown later in this article.

Call Highlights Email

Automatically sends users emails about relevant calls based on insights gathered by the system. Example use case: our admin needs to know if their agents are using specific agreed-upon terminology during sales calls, and if not, provide further coaching.

Setting up Einstein Conversation Insights in CloudTalk

💡 Note- If you have not correctly set up ECI in Salesforce and/or it’s not available in your current Salesforce plan, CloudTalk will show an error message and disable the toggle when you click, “Save”.

  1. Confirm that you’ve correctly set up the Salesforce integration & CTI (see above).

  2. Go to Account > Settings > Integrations > click on Salesforce

  3. Under Workflow Settings, click the “Einstein Conversation Insights” toggle.

  1. Click “Save” at the bottom of the settings page.

  2. Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) is now enabled. Call recording files will be sent for ECI to transcribe & analyze.

Call export and Einstein Conversation Insights (ECI) transcription

For each call, CloudTalk sends the recording to Salesforce so Einstein Conversation Insights can process it.

💡 Note- After exporting a recording, Salesforce state that their ECI system can take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours to analyze the call & show the insights and transcripts within Salesforce. It is important to note that the time taken for exporting data depends entirely on the level of call traffic throughout your system and the amount of data to process.

What does an ECI call look like?

ECI calls are presented in the following fashion, with a timeline of the call, participants audio and input separately displayed, and call stats including any key words triggered.

💡 Note- The quality level of the audio recording depends greatly on the hardware used and the connection of the respective parties. A higher-end headset will likely provide a superior recording that is therefore easier to dissect for the ECI software. Regular occurrences of poor call quality will result in difficulties involving the automatic recognition of words, and therefore misrepresentation of overall data.

If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support team, we are always happy to help!

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