Automate a Welcome SMS

Use our workflow automations to send new contacts a text to welcome their business

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The goal in this automation setup is to automatically send an SMS when a contact is created in your CloudTalk contacts list.

User Level:

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Welcome SMS Workflow


In order for this automation to work as intended, the following conditions must be met:

  • You have a CloudTalk Essential plan or higher

  • You have an SMS enabled number to use as the sender

  • Contact numbers must be imported in E.164 format

Automation Setup

Get your API keys ready! You can generate these on the dashboard in Account > Settings under the API Keys tab.

  1. From your CloudTalk dashboard, navigate to Account > Workflow Automations. Select + Add Workflow.

  2. Set up your trigger. The Object is contact. Action: created. Confirm and continue.

  3. Conditions are optional in this use case.

  4. Set up an action. Select SMS as the Action type.

  5. Fill in the required Values:

    1. recipient is the contact number associated with the trigger.

      1. Since CloudTalk allows each contact to have multiple phone numbers, we need to include an index [i] to make sure only one number is referenced.

      2. To reference the first number in a possible list of numbers, we use index [0]:


    2. sender is an SMS enabled number you want the message to be sent from.

    3. text contains the actual message. Something like, "Welcome to our registry!"

    4. api_key_id and api_key_secret are the CloudTalk generated API keys, which admin can retrieve on the dashboard by going to Account > Settings > API Keys (tab).

  6. Confirm and continue.

  7. When you have finished setting up your automation, you can Save the workflow or Save and activate to start using it immediately.

Did you know? You can add more details to your welcome text using the dynamic values offered in our Useful data for your workflow table.

  • When you select a value from this table within your message, the inserted reference will pull from the data associated with your trigger to personalize your message text when the automation runs.


As the SMS Action type sends a request to our API endpoint, typical API rate limits will apply.

The maximum requests that can be sent per minute is 60. Remember that this limit rate applies any API requests, so if other requests are being sent simultaneously, all the requests will be counted in this limit rate.

Have more questions? Contact our Support team. We're always happy to help you!

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