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How to use the CloudTalk Dialer integration for Pipedrive
How to use the CloudTalk Dialer integration for Pipedrive

A guide to using Pipedrive CTI to make and receive calls via CloudTalk

Written by Tom Grant
Updated over a week ago

Pipedrive CTI allows agents to make & receive calls directly from the Pipedrive interface (instead of using a CloudTalk Phone).

Integration Setup

Before you start - new users

  • Confirm that you are a Pipedrive Account Admin.

  • Add the Pipedrive integration to CloudTalk using this guide.

Existing users

Users who already have the Pipedrive CloudTalk integration installed may only need to re-authorize the app following any changes (see screenshot below). These users will either be notified automatically in Pipedrive or alternatively they can navigate to Tools and Apps > Marketplace Apps.

Note- the following is an example from our test environment using our staging and development apps to demonstrate what the notification will look like in live.

How does it work?

Once the CloudTalk is integrated with Pipedrive, calls can be made from anywhere in the Pipedrive app by clicking on the CloudTalk icon in the top-right of the screen.

Outbound calls

Clicking a hyperlinked phone number from any Pipedrive page will now automatically open the CloudTalk integration with the number pre-populated. The agent or user must then click the Green phone icon to dial the number. They also have the option to edit the outbound calling number before making the call if necessary.

Inbound calls

When an agent (user) receives an inbound call, the Pipedrive CTI will automatically pop up so that the agent can answer their call.

Multiple tabs

When an agent is using multiple Pipedrive tabs at once, they are always “online” in just one of them → only one of them will ring when receiving incoming calls.

The agent is always online in the last opened CTI Enabled Tab (or the one where they last made a call).

Example 1

  1. User opens contact A

  2. User opens contact B

  3. A call comes in

  4. Contact B tab will ring

Example 2

  1. User opens contact A

  2. User opens contact B

  3. User makes an outbound call from contact A.

  4. A call comes in

  5. Contact A tab will ring

If you need further assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team. We are always here to help you!

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