What is number porting?

To bring your existing number into CloudTalk, you will need to port it. Porting a number means that it will be fully transferred to a new operating network or carrier *. After porting a number to CloudTalk, it will no longer be active on the current provider and will only be active on our network.

We must submit a porting request directly to the current underlying carrier of your number. When they process and accept the request, the number can be moved.

The underlying carrier is the actual operator of the number and the commercial service provider is the company that you get your number from and will be shown on your invoice. This can be the same as the carrier but this is not always the case. Your commercial service provider will be able to tell you if they are the true carrier of the number or not .

  • In the case that you are moving from another VoIP platform, there will likely be a different underlying carrier.

  • If you are moving from a large operator like Vodafone or Verizon then they will likely be both the commercial service provider the carrier.

Steps in the Porting Process

  1. Create a porting request to CloudTalk - see the full guide here

  2. CloudTalk's porting team will check if your number is portable from our side.

  3. If yes, we will provide you with an LOA ( Letter of Authorisation ) template for the desired country and number type, and request any other documents that may be required. Please take care when filling out the LOA to ensure all the information submitted is correct. You can see our guide to preparing for a port here

  4. When we have received all of your signed documents, CloudTalk and our partner carrier will submit them to the current carrier, the losing carrier.

  5. CloudTalk will add the number into your dashboard so you can start to set the inbound call flow, business hours, and agents and call groups. The number will not be active until the port actually takes place.

  6. When the losing carrier accepts the port out request, the carriers will schedule the date that the number will be moved to our network. Sometimes they will tell us the exact time day the port will be triggered but this is not always the case.

  7. The number will be ported to CloudTalk's carrier on the agreed date, and become active in your app.

Before the port, make sure your desired Business Hours, IVR menus, and Agents are configured before the porting date, so that when the number is moved over all your settings are already in place.

You can check our porting prices and coverage here

*In case you are not ready to fully move your number to CloudTalk, we can also create a verified outbound caller ID of your number, that you can use for making outbound calls.

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