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How to Use Campaigns on Desktop Phone
How to Use Campaigns on Desktop Phone
Soon, Campaigns will only be accessible through Desktop Phone for Agents. Learn what you can expect from this rollout.
Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

Dashboard Users

Calling campaign functionality is moving onto the Desktop Phone app for all agents. This change should eventually make life easier, as all the prime features will be packaged in a more easily accessible, user-friendly design. For those who were used to launching campaigns via the dashboard, read the sections below to ensure you are prepared for what to expect in the transition to Desktop Phone.

What can I look forward to?

Everything an agent needs to work will be available through the ease of CloudTalk's Desktop Phone app. Some parts will experience minimal or aesthetic modifications. The goal of such changes is to fix some of the issues agents currently experience during calling campaigns and to give the Phone app version of the campaign feature a sleek, intuitive design.

Start and Stop the Calling Campaign

  • Agents will be able to start and end their campaign participation.


  • Scripts for calls will still be available for viewing, in a format which accommodates the simplified user interface.


  • Any surveys can be filled out as usual, but likely with a fresh design.

Contact Info

  • This will allow you to view the info about a contact during a call on the desktop app.

Call Disposition

  • Concluding a call, an agent will be prompted to assign a call disposition. Supervisors will have the ability to implement additional choices here from their end.

What may be missing?

Due to the changes in design and the desire to update and simplify past complications, you may notice the absence of some features. Don't worry too much, as some of these examples are only temporary losses.

Three-Way Calling

  • This will come in a later release, but there were some changes that needed to be made to this feature before it is ready to be used. For now, be aware that you will not have the option for three-way calls.

Raise Hand / Invite Agent (to the call)

  • The CloudTalk team is working to get compatible versions of these features to be used with campaigns. However, they are not something you can expect to see in the first release.

Add New Contact (via Campaign)

  • A calling campaign is designed with the intention of reaching out to a batch of contacts whose names are already entered into the system. By this logic, the ability to add a new contact within a campaign has been deemed unnecessary. That being said, any agent who has encountered a practical use for the add new contact feature within a calling campaign is encouraged to reach out to our support team with this feedback, so the developers can be made aware.

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