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How to Use Intercom Messenger
How to Use Intercom Messenger
Start using the ease of chat features offered by Intercom Messenger by linking it with your CloudTalk Dashboard
Written by Shelby Glynn
Updated over a week ago

This article features a guide for using Intercom Messenger with CloudTalk. Click the blue text for help integrating Intercom with CloudTalk.

Here's an Intercom Message+CloudTalk introduction video:

Before starting, please make sure:

Add Intercom Messenger to CloudTalk

  1. Login to your CloudTalk Dashboard

  2. Go to Account > Integrations

  3. Look for Add Integration. In the Add Integration section, find Intercom Messenger and click + Add

  4. The display name for unknown callers from Intercom can be changed. Confirm that your Integration is set to Active.

Adjust Settings in Intercom

  1. Login to your Intercom account

  2. On the homepage, there are some tasks. Follow the prompts to successfully finish your integration. Most importantly, make sure you have selected to Add chat to your website > With an integration. This allows the chat feature to be shown to your CloudTalk clients.

  3. Click the Messenger icon near the bottom left of the page to reach the settings options.

  4. Here you can set your welcome message, style your Messenger, say when you'll be available, and more.

  5. When CloudTalk clients open the message dialogue by clicking the icon, your settings changes will be reflected to them.

Using Intercom Messenger with CloudTalk

Intercom Messenger provides clients with an easy-to-use form of interaction, where the agent or admin is able to reference details about a client on the other end of the chat, without interrupting the exchange. Settings for live chat can be altered on the Intercom Homepage.

  • When integrated with CloudTalk, a client is able to start a conversation by clicking the Intercom Messenger icon and typing into the chat box.

  • The agent can see more detailed client information on his or her end by clicking into the client profile. Using the click-to-call feature, the agent can also call the client with the click of a button. See the reference video at the top of this article to view a visual example of how the chat looks on the agent side.

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