Any device that you use to make calls needs to be connected to an internet network – i.e. a computer if you are using the app or a phone if you are using a VOIP phone.

Internet connection requirements

You need approx. 100 kbps bandwidth per channel. If you are using the internet for other services simultaneously with CloudTalk, you will need more bandwidth.

The most important parameter when making calls via the internet is the response time between your device and CloudTalk’s system, which should be as stable as possible and should not be longer than 150 milliseconds. The deviation during the call should not exceed 50 milliseconds. Failure to meet these parameters can cause audio distortions. 

Your connection needs to be stable. Even a short outage can cause sound interruptions during the call.

If possible, use a wired connection, which is not influenced by external disruptions. Wireless connection, including 3G or 4G mobile internet, can be inconsistent, especially if you move the device during the call.

Device requirements

If you are using the desktop app to make calls, it’s best to connect to the network via a LAN cable. Wireless networks might be unstable. If you wish to use wireless connection, you should first make a few test calls. If you are using a wireless-connected laptop, you should keep it in a stable position during the call.

VOIP phone should be connected to the network via a LAN cable and must enable calls via SIP protocol. We recommend to use phones produced by well-established brands (e.g. Cisco, Grandstream, Polycom).

Any device and the VOIP phone need to be able to maintain active connection to a local internet network via a router. To ensure this, phones have an implemented feature of connection refresh at regular intervals. 

We recommend you to set up refresh to every 300 seconds. If your router disconnects you in a shorter time, you need to shorten the refresh time as well. We do not recommend to set up intervals shorter than 30 seconds (You can get banned by our protection system). These settings are available in the SIP account’s network settings. Incorrect configuration of these parameters will result in the unavailability to receive phone calls. 

Note: CloudTalk Phone has the right configuration by default. 

Configuring your network for SIP

Most internet connections allow any type of internet connection and there’s no need for any configuration.

Please make sure that you have enabled all the following IP's for voice and media traffic and also opened the following ports in you router/firewall/antivirus.

 Ports / Protocols

Media     20000-60000/UDP      20000-60000/UDP       20000-60000/UDP      20000-60000/UDP     20000-60000/UDP     20000-60000/UDP     20000-60000/UDP       20000-60000/UDP

When using custom range for voice transfer, you need to define the same range in the phone’s settings as well.

If your router allows voice packet prioritisation via QOS, we strongly suggest to enable it for CloudTalk.

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