CloudTalk allows you to configure phone numbers based on your specific needs. There are several ways how to configure phone numbers.

General settings

Intelligent call routing based on your customized pre-defined rules can be configured in the interface.

Access the menu and go to Numbers. A list of all your phone numbers will appear. You can configure each phone number individually.

Pro Tip: Internal labels

You can give a personalized name to each of your phone numbers. Labels will help you easily identify phone numbers in the interface. Labels are also displayed in statistics, reports, inbound calls, etc. 


Choose a type depending on the way how the phone number will be used.

  • Group – calls are automatically routed to a selected group of agents from thelist. To find out how to create a group, please click here. You can choosea pre-defined message from the list to be played to each caller before the call. To find out how to create customized messages, please click here.

  • Agent – all calls are routed to a single agent. To find out how to add new agents, please click here. You can also choose a pre-defined message to beplayed at the beginning of each call.

  • Conference room – You can assign a phone number to a conference room so that the conference room can be reached from public phone numbers. To find out how to create a new conference room, please click here

  • Fax – If you need touse a fax machine, please select this option. The phone number will be immediately ready to receive fax messages. Define an email address whereall fax messages will be automatically sent.

  • Advanced Dial Plan – If you wish to combine all the above steps, go for the advanced dial plan. It allows you to set up sequence of steps to be followed foreach inbound call made to the selected phone number. The aim is to avoid missedcalls. Example: first the caller listens to a message,then his call rings to group A. If group A doesn’t answer, it will startringing to group B, etc.

A detailed description of the advanced dial plan can be found in this blog post

Advanced settings

  • Business Hours: You can configure business hours for each phone number. More on Business hours

  • International Calls: You can create limitations for international calls. Your agents will be able to make phone calls only to countries which you have selected for them. For security reasons, we recommend to enable only those countries that are really necessary.

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